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Welcome to Unsigned Revolution, a community of unsigned and independent bands, stations, dj's, promoters, magazines, companies, and fans connecting to the music. We run 2 separate 24/7 streams so bands get more airplay on a regular basis. Some features require you to be logged in but membership is free and you can upload tracks, videos, photos, and connect with others. Explore our 200+ links of Airplay and Promoting contacts that dedicate their lives getting bands heard. Apply for our 24/7 promotions and get on our Unsigned Showcase, get featured in our weekly email campaign, shared on social networks, and displayed across our website. You can now check out our website traffic and band spins on our Charts and StatisticsView our Bands in Rotation, Radio Schedule, and for mobile get the app for Android and Iphone. New bands, stats, promotions, and pages are updated every 30 days at the end of the month. Our Live Footage page is being rebuilt and will launch in late August along with most of our unfinished pages and projects.

In addition to the apps you can switch to desktop version in mobile for a wider display.

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    Important News From U.R. Administration-

    On vacation until July 8th for my wedding be back soon!  \m/

    Coming up in a few weeks- recordings of our last 3 shows, updates for radio and website and the launch of new promotions, pages, and features.

    We play and promote anything similar to Rock, Metal, Grunge, Thrash, Progressive, Instrumental, Alternative, Blues, Funk, Folk, Acoustic, no cover bands, no rap, no plastic pop or whining boy bands , no mainstream music. Only 1% of our bands have an independent label.
    For airplay in regular rotation upload your music below or email us at loydharrell26@gmail.com or upload music to our site. Requirements- Mp3 format, unsigned or independent, and please properly label your tracks with band, song, and album names, album art. If you don't know how to tag your music at least provide the information. All submissions will be heard and new music is added the end of each month. Check out our bands in rotation - You must have the rights/permission to the music submitted.
    Please Properly tag and label your tracks when submitting.
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    Thursday, Jul 2 at 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
    Thursday, Jul 2 at 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
    Sunday, Jul 5 at 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
    Monday, Jul 6 at 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
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    Coming Soon - an overview of what to come
    Charts and Statistics page launch - Airplay, website, and promoting stats. Release Date- July 15th
    2. Unsigned Showcase page featuring all our content beautifully displayed and categorized on 1 page.  Release Date- August 1st 2015
    3. Our Live Footage Rebuild to cover all of Oregon with new features and updates. Release date- September 1st 2015
    4. Email Campaign one band, station, promoter, and venue every week sent to professional contacts and to the masses- October 1st 2015
    5. New Radio Streams - Rock/Metal, Alternative/Blues, and a Fan Stream where you can stream any song we have anytime you want with a simple click of a button. Release date- January 1st 2016
    6. Show Coverage is ending until we upgrade to professional equipment (3-4 months) to capture bands with a higher quality and more frequent.
    7. Live Interviews will return in February 2016
    8. Professional Reviews - Start in March 2016
    9. Promotional packages and Press Kits - Launches in April 2016
    10. News and Support forum - July 2015 - latest releases, news,  request features, report bugs, answers to common questions, etc.